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As a health, safety, environmental (HSE) consulting firm, Caliche, Ltd. can offer your company certified professionals in every field of health and safety services. We have comprehensive and integrated programs that are customized to every business need.

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industrial hygiene

In today’s business climate, it is important that executives, managers, and supervisors take an active role and responsibility in the health and safety of their employees. Any workplace needs to implement quality health and safety procedures designed to recognize, evaluate, control, and abate workplace hazards. This is both to ensure your business meets industry standards and regulations and, most importantly, so that your employees are safe and healthy to carry out responsibilities.

Occupational Medicine

The diversity of today’s workforce presents significant challenges for companies to manage and maintain employee health.   Caliche, Ltd. evaluates age variability, operations, tasks, equipment, chemical, physical and biological hazards potentially encountered to ensure your company is proactive in preventing and treating occupational diseases.



Caliche, Ltd.’s team of specialized consultants are considered leaders in the field of safety management. Let us tackle any safety and compliance challenge you may have in your business; we can ensure your company meets every regulation so that your operations can continue safely and efficiently.


Caliche, Ltd. understands the diverse and unique work schedules and task for crewmembers. We are prepared to respond to requests for worker exposure assessments that start in the middle of the night, require extended around the clock monitoring and may last several days. Our services include air monitoring, liquid sample collection and analysis, bulk sampling for asbestos or lead, and provide crewmembers prospective to the workplace hazards.


Indoor Air Quality

There are a number of contaminants that can affect the air quality of your building and just as many ways we can test and evaluate your workspace. As an environmental, health safety consulting firm, Caliche, Ltd. will give your company a thorough assessment of our findings, along with our recommendations for improvement.


Control of workplace hazards depends on efficient and effective exhaust ventilation in air supply in a wide range of workplaces to include maintenance shops, spray paint booths, welding bays, vehicle repair stations, liquid product testing, laboratory hoods, clean rooms, and surgical operating rooms. Central room and equipment ventilation systems to include offices, schools, and specialty shops. Guidance utilized includes the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) and American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Asbestos Rope Insulation around steam pipe

Asbestos & Lead

Caliche, Ltd. inspects, assesses, and manages asbestos in buildings during periods of repair, demolition, and day-to-day normal business operations. We offer comprehensive services from basic surveys to abatement strategy and owner representative services to ensure your space is safe and compliant.


Today’s businesses must comply with many Federal, State and Local environmental laws, rules and regulations. As a health, safety, environmental consulting firm, Caliche, Ltd. can help all types of businesses identify, evaluate and control the impact these issues have on their operations.



Contract Staffing

For over 24 years, companies from start-ups to global leaders have relied on Caliche, Ltd. to provide skilled HSE professionals in their places of business. We offer leading talent in all disciplines of HSE management required for any project or operation.