Maritime Services

Ensure Occupational Health Compliance Programs comply with the United States Coast Guard Regulations

Since 1974, Caliche, Ltd.’s professionals have been providing industrial hygiene consulting maritime services to US Flagged vessels along the west coast, east coast, and gulf coast as well as globally to include South America, Canada, the Middle East and Europe. Caliche, Ltd.’s consulting and management professionals provide solutions and strategies to control or reduce unique and maritime specific workplace hazards.

Our team provides expert identification and management of potential chemical, physical and biological hazards to crewmembers in order to create a healthy work and leisure environment onboard a tug or a super tanker. Our services include:
  • Crewmember exposure assessments to cargos containing benzene greater than 0.5% while loading and discharging products;
  • Area air monitoring of living and working locations inside and exterior of tugs and ships for airborne contaminants to include benzene, hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds, and sulphur.
  • maritime.Conduct assessments designed to document effectiveness of general or local exhaust ventilation systems, respirators and personal protective equipment;
  • Conduct environmental surveys to include potable drinking water;
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative respirator fit-testing and respirator use training;
  • Provide onboard crew member training regarding the potential and known hazards to chemical, physical and biological hazards;
  • Conduct personal and area noise surveys documenting noise levels while loading, discharging cargos and while sailing;
  • Provide recommended guidance for effective skin and eye protection from exposures to liquid chemicals and airborne particulates or vapors;
  • Provide recommended guidance for hearing protection;
  • Provide training for crew member biological testing onboard a vessel in event of an incident or accident while in transit.

Caliche, Ltd. staff have been serving the maritime industry since 1974. Our certified staff of industrial hygienist, indoor environmentalists, and senior technicians can assist in the investigation, research and solution to a specific health concern or develop a more comprehensive program designed to protect crewmembers and the environment.