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It is essential that those responsible for health and safety programs have a comprehensive understanding of the theories and practices related to workplace safety. This includes an appreciation for the legal requirements associated with providing a safe work environment, as well as an understanding of how to identify hazards, evaluate risk, design effective systems of control, and develop strategies to prevent injuries and illnesses from occurring. Additionally, a comprehensive understanding of industrial hygiene—which includes assessing the exposure levels to hazardous materials in the workplace and developing strategies for reducing or eliminating these exposures—is essential. By having a thorough understanding of health and safety-related topics, executives, managers, and supervisors can ensure that their organizations are compliant with relevant regulations and better prepared to protect their employees from harm.

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Caliche, Ltd. has been providing industrial hygiene consulting services to industry since 1982. Our staff of certified industrial hygienists and other industry specialists can assist in identifying and solving problems or developing comprehensive programs. Our team provides identification and management of chemical, physical and biological hazards present in your work areas to ensure a healthy work environment while reducing future liabilities. You can trust that your employees will have a healthy workplace. Our services include:

Caliche, Ltd. is ISNetworld® and Avetta compliant.

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