Contract Staffing

on-Site Staff

Caliche, Ltd. provides comprehensive Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) staffing or outsourcing to assist you whenever and for as long as we are needed. Outsourcing allows you to focus on your primary business needs.  Often, businesses lack the personnel to either adequately staff their health and safety department or cannot afford the salary, and benefits for fulltime HSE staff personnel. Our outsourcing services may also come in handy when an existing industrial hygiene or safety professional requires timely assistance to meet a specific deadline or a mandated regulatory requirement. Our professionals can lighten the load, spread the work, and if needed, offer our own expertise if needed. These situations are examples of why you might need to outsource. We offer any company what it needs to obtain and maintain an adequate health and safety program for your employees.
  • Staff Support Services include the following:
    • worker or workplace exposure assessments (air sampling, noise monitoring, ventilation studies to include both local or general room, and illumination evaluations);
    • conducting an initial safety workplace audit or preparing a written safety program; completing an asbestos survey to include air sampling, bulk sampling, and preparing site remediation specification;
    • evaluating indoor air quality due to employee complaints or assist in an upgrade to existing building’s ventilation system;
    • monitoring a crewmember’s exposure to airborne contaminants, conducting either qualitative or quantitative respirator fit-testing or provide site specific training.
  • Flexible Short and/or Long-Term Relationships.

We can provide a team of HSE experts with over forty years of experience to a single professional assigned to your site, Caliche, Ltd. can meet your needs.

Companies from start-ups to global leaders have relied on Caliche, Ltd. to provide skilled HSE professionals for almost a half century. We offer leading talent in all disciplines of HSE management required for any size project or operation. We prioritize and foster a culture of occupational health and safety for your company. If needed, we are available to meet with you and discuss how Caliche can be of assistance.

Let us show you why Caliche, Ltd. Professional Services will be your best choice in selecting on-site staff that prioritize your needs, meet expected suspense dates and focus on providing you options regarding a solution.