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Even though only recently identified, the "sick building" syndrome has received an abundance of publicity. Mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, asbestos, lead particulate and other air contaminants are among the top liability issues facing commercial indoor air quality building owners and managers today.

As an environmental, health safety consulting firm, Caliche, Ltd. offers many Indoor Air Quality services:

  • Building Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Condition (HVAC) System Evaluations
  • Air Contaminant Sampling
  • Bioaerosol Sampling Evaluations
  • IAQ Management Plans
  • Remedial Design & Management
  • Compliance Consulting

As one of its specialty areas, Caliche, Ltd. thoroughly investigates and reports its findings based on these guidelines:

Phase I - Preliminary investigation: In the preliminary assessment, licensed Caliche, Ltd. technicians assess the building, the problem areas, the outdoor environment, the HVAC system components and the non-problem areas of the "affected" location. Several factors contribute to the final analysis, including noise, illumination, contaminants and water damage. Grab samplings are done to test for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, pressure differential and temperature and humidity.

Phase II - Investigation and sampling: During this phase, the investigation develops as findings from Phase I information are interpreted and studied. Additional samplings may be tested for formaldehyde, combustion products, dusts, fibers, particulates, radon, asbestos and volatile organic compounds.

Phase III - Recommendations and corrective action: Measuring the findings from Phase I and II, Caliche, Ltd. will develop a feasible, effective and economical program to reduce, eliminate or control microbial and other contamination. During the post-remediation evaluation (the follow-up phase), Caliche, Ltd. will study the effectiveness of the corrective actions and monitor the remediation activities for compliance. If necessary, Caliche, Ltd. will perform a re-sampling or re-inspection of the building.

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